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Saturday, January 26, 2013

in the land of pearls and lace

photo: palomasea


Toshi Otsuki...Victoria


  1. Dear Irina,
    Such beautiful images.. I just love the Jane Austin
    quote. It fits you..
    Wishing you a joyful weekend.

  2. Yes, I did paint the backdrop, my dear friend.
    Years ago... Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Oh how beautiful this post is..

  3. oh swooooooning.......and I soooooooo need some swooning over some dreamy beauty right now......every single picture has a piece of my soul in it. Do you know you have the top part of the pic to which I have the bottom part on my White Bohemeian blog? LOL I finally was able to source it and see the whole dress....and I adore it and will try to make it! hugs...thank you for this beautiful doorway into beauty. lady

  4. Irina,thank you for sharing these lovely images filled with soft light and gentle pastel colours. In the depths of winter they give a glimpse of summer to come and a much needed energy boost.

    Hope you're now feeling well again!
    Enjoy your week,

  5. IRINA! I couldn't possibly make all the wonderful new posts that kept popping up yesterday, so I missed this one...and I forgot to mention to you how LOVELY SERENA'S GIFT IS! I will tell you about it when we chat.

    Wasn't that the sweetest gesture towards us? And the lace theme here...I love to wear it, and I used to have lace curtains. Do you know my mom used to make it? Oh the art of making lace has disappeared.

    Wonderful post AND THANK YOU for your wonderful friendship and comments on my post. FUN! Anita

  6. Such BEAUTY to behold here this morning!!!! Thank you for sharing these snippets of gorgeousness!!!

    ~ Violet

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Love that picnic scene, and you know I love the quote.
    Always so good to visit with you, my friend. I hope you are enjoying a lovely evening.

  8. Absolutely beautiful as is your blog! I think you might like a post I did a while back. There were lots of beautiful pearls, vintage jewelry and lace. Have a peak http://triciafountaine.blogspot.com/2012/09/i-know-i-only-just-posted-pictures-of.html
    Thank you for your lovely blog!

  9. Irina what a very pretty, pretty post! Oh those biscuits...they look so adorable!

    thank you for calling in...we have had record breaking temperatures here...45c...unbelievable...much destruction...fire...floods....heat....we are fine where we are and at least get a breeze sometimes!

    Hope all is well with your dear sweet friend...Much Love to you, Dzintra xo

  10. Oh, Irina!
    I am so touched you showcased the kissing balls...thank you.
    They look lovely amongst all the beautiful pictures. I'm so honored.
    I feel like a broken record, but I am eating and sleeping weddings these days. The brides are coming out in full force and I'm up to eyelashes in rose petals! :)
    Actually, I have so many wedding orders to work up, which I love doing...but the occasional "Bridezilla" pops in to make my life crazier than it is already is.... ha ha
    I hope you're staying warm. We've had frigid temps here in Jersey, and snow almost every day.
    Anita and I had a marathon phone call the other day. Oh, did we laugh about your experience at lunch! ;)
    No wonder poor Anita wants to scream at times!
    Ask her my opinion on that day... LOL
    Wishing you warmer days and sending you lots of love, my friend.
    xoxoxo Lisa

  11. How I love pearls and lace Irina! Gorgeous images, merci ~ I hope you are well and warm....Happy Weekend!

  12. wow...Irina
    these images are lovely
    and elegant and beautiful
    all together and at once!!!
    happy weekend wishes!

  13. all images are a good selection but the ones with umbrella are really nice once!!!!!

    ,,,,,, and of course - there is no charm equal to the tenderness of heart......Irina!

  14. And at last I arrive at Lovely Reveries, a most suitable title for this page.
    Irina, I could get lost in all these beautiful photographs, but the one that inspired me the most was that white suitcase full of treasures. Immediately the wheels in my head started spinning wondering how I can make something similar. It's dreamy.
    Thank you for sharing, love, and thank you for being such a good friend.
    Love and blessings to you today and always.


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