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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

an old romance


  1. An old romance? Those are the best :)
    Cheers! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Loi

  2. thank you. I'm smiling in grace again. I love every image, a little bit of me, well...ok....alot of me LOL is in every one of those pictures....but I will have to do the bathtub idea, somehow someway. Romance is the essence of every soul who possesses love. :-)

  3. M A G N I F I C E N T!!!!!


    ~ Violet

  4. HERE IS THAT PIECE of music again....oh dear, I must know what it is!

    That first image, that dress...if I am going to spend many hours on paper art, then a dress like that is what I want to create the most. OLD ROMANCE, DREAMS, BEAUTY, POETRY IN PAPER..that is where I want to live. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HEART OF GOLD!

    1. Dearest Irina...what a beautiful post so full of romance...the images these pics conjure up....just beautiful. Thank you for bringing some romance today so full of beauty...Love from Dzintra xo

  5. Oh how this piece makes me want to cry. BUT the life we have been accorded and all the music that accompanies it, both sad and joyful, shapes us and prepares us for the grand performance of all that awaits us. Oh....that long moment there...that transition....I can see my father's beautiful hands dancing on the keys...BRAVO MY BELOVED FRIEND! Anita

  6. Another beautiful collection Irina,these images exude calm,warmth and comfort.
    I love the facade in the second.........and the pot bellied stove,but they are all beautiful!

    Happy weekend Irina!

  7. What a blessing to see you here this morning, with sentiments so tied in with my own dear and most lovely sister. Yes, those three individuals paid the price I think we all seek to receive as artists: the recognition that we did strike a chord. Now if only those chords could pay the bills!!!!!!!!! It will come. I hope!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE to you! Anita

  8. Irina,
    Such a beautiful post...as always! You have such a wonderful eye
    ! I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and that it is not too chilly yet (did I hear snow was starting out your way?).
    Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend, before the onset of Monday and school ( yes, middle school is a whole new world, isn't it?)


  9. Irina, these pictures are beautifully romantic. I'd love to sit in that vine covered room or in that lovely little gypsy trailer. All of the pictures tugged at my heart. Thank you for sharing all this beauty. laurie

  10. Hello lovely, Irina. I've been meaning to stop by for what seems like an ETERNITY. With the apron, then Thanksgiving, followed by a few tag requests...whew. But here I am and I am loving every single bit of these gorgeous photos. Of course, you know the ones with a pop of color are my favorite. Where do I picture myself the most? It would have to be in that gorgeous garden sitting area which seems like one giant beautiful green house, followed by the rustic kitchen because I just HAVE TO cook something in that bright pot. Hmmm...you think the red in both these pics had something to do with it? ;) teehee
    Have a beautiful day, my friend.

  11. Irina, this was so fabulously romantic! I could just sit and dream for hours.
    Thanks for share a little bit of heaven with us.

  12. Irina!!!
    I want to be here....
    in each of these pictures...
    that bathroom...is a must
    have...keeping busy...and
    warm...and happy...wishing
    you the same my dear!!!!

  13. Hello dear Irina...just popping in with a quick hello...I have finally done a cook up from the Oct/Nov issue but just have to get to posting it...hope all is well with you and that you are staying sane at this time of year...hugs to you on a now coolish breeze from the coast....Love Dzintra xo

  14. Irina, Isn't is just so amazing, the amount of created beauty we humans surround ourselves with?!! Gardens, sculpture, lush boudoirs, MUSIC! FABULOUS PHOTOGRAPHS. I love, love love the reader in the Gypsy wagon.

  15. Beautiful rooms ....I love to see pictures of houses, rooms and their decorations ... especially se hanno "l'aria vissuta" *___*
    Ciao, virginia


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