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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tasha's world

Young Tasha with her daughter.
Tasha Tudor was born Starling Burgess
Name was later changed to Natasha...and she took her mother's maiden name  (Tudor)


A rare glimpse of Tasha's eyes...

Wind In the Willows



  1. Irina!

    I just got in from a much longer day than expected. I think I missed you...I will come back to you.

    Look at this world that this magician created. Her innocent world of creatures, children, a peaceful environment. Yes, as she asks us, THINK about what would you THINK? I wonder what would I think if there were no visionary artists to make the sacrifices necessary to just MAKE ART. No worries about popularity or sales, but to just make art. There would be no refuge for many of us.

    This is a sweet corner, a tender place, where I have LOVELY REVERIES...

  2. Dear Irina,
    Well, how cozy is this... You, Anita and I... Soaking up the wonderment of Tasha and her gentle soul.. I have always loved her work.. I wish I had known her.. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos..

    I love your music... Thank you so much for your visit this evening.. I always smile when I see you have wandered over..
    Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  3. Ahhh...pure magic here. The music, that darling little snowy village with the two friends, ambling on the path next to the NEW MOON. Is it a bookstore? A café? A curiosity shop? An enchanting world we can imagine, for those of us who dare to be different.

    Thank you dear friend, for coming to visit me, and for re-reading my little book. Oh how I wish I could really make books, but maybe that is what I will learn at the book center.OH! TOmorrow night is the Visual Journal Collective free course at the center...at 7:00...see if you can come. I am going!

    MUCH LOVE to you, Anita

  4. Inspiring post Irina....... I didn't really know much about Tasha Tudor,until now! Your interesting selection of images has prompted me to look further into her amazing life,thank you for that. Thanks also for the your lovely comments,as always!

    Happy Sunday,

  5. Hello dear Irina,
    I know I left a message here... Have I completely lost my mind?

    Thank you for your sweet note and most welcome visit... Yes, I just love this woman.
    What an amazing inspiration she has been to so many people.
    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  6. She was an incredibly gifted artist and author. Such creativity and imagination. I used to have a book on her glorious gardens. A very special woman, indeed. Have a great week, Irina!

  7. And now I come from my world to yours....splendid transition from haunting music to sweet and gentle tunes....you are just the most delightful of angels my dear...you truly are. How about that horse swimming? How about that cheval, jumping ever so gracefully over life's hurdles, and then that STUNNING horse with the lady on his back? My dream, to ride forever, in eternity on the back of beauty and grace....but for now, it is rehearsal time, and I fall off my high-horse, A LOT!!!!!!!!

    MUCH LOVE and thanks for this enchanting post on a true artist that just chose to live the life she dreamed of living!!


  8. Dear Irina,
    You came to meet little Bei! Thank you so much for always leaving such encouraging words.. I so enjoy your visits.

  9. What an artist...what an incredibly GIFTED woman.
    This quote is undoubtably one of my favorites...
    Coming to visit you, Irina, is always a special treat. I know I will be greeted with happy thoughts, lovely images, and ALWAYS kind words. You are like Zen for the soul.
    Huge hugs to you, my friend. xo

  10. Hi! Thanks so much for putting me on your blogroll! I'm happy to be in the company of a great lover of color.

    Loved this Tasha Tudor post - esp the corgis!!! All best! xoxo

  11. I love her philosophy of, basically, living in the moment and enjoying the beauty of life all around us. I was actually thinking the same thing today as we drove down a country road, breathing the crisp air and thrilling in the awesomeness of the brilliant bronzes, rusts and garnet trees. The world sometimes seems to be falling to pieces, but the beauty of nature does not change. Tasha is a real role model to so many friends of mine. My cousins daughter was one of her models. I love that she raised her children ( a divorced mother) on the sales of her artwork. I did too. But I could never live the old fashioned life that she lived, maybe bits and pieces of it, but I refuse to cook dinner in the fireplace!

  12. What a lovely and magical post, you swept me away!It was so nice to hear from you, yes, it seems it is harder these days to get out and visit...School is very busy, no!?
    Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  13. Talk about creating a beautiful world......Tasha Tudor was a wonder! I have so enjoyed these pictures you've presented of her Irina. You always seem to be one step ahead and share just the perfect images that I LOVE to see! You're a wonder too *winks* Vanna


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