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Friday, February 24, 2012

a la campagne



images: Pinterest, Trouvais, New South Classics, Luster Interiors, Victoria Magazine, Michael Trapp


  1. You have once again found the most delightful collection of photographs. I'll go to sleep dreaming about a break in the country. Your blog is always such a great joy to look at and imagine. Thank you
    Jude x

  2. Dear Irina
    Be still my heart! Oh how beautiful! I would like to have that wonderful bathtub!! These photos make me want to pull out my paint brushes..
    I love visiting here with you.
    Enjoy your weekend, and thank you for always remembering me when you go visiting.
    Blessings, Penny

  3. Oh my goodness! What a collection of beautiful photographs! You've taken me away from the rain and wind into the warm countryside in a matter of moments. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos (love the bathtub!).
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, my friend! xo

  4. Irina my heart is longing to be in any and all of these beautiful spaces and places! You are the QUEEN of the beautiful image! They take my breath away! Maybe one of these days we can sit down and have a nice chat in France together over a pot of tea *winks* Wouldn't that be a dream come true! I hope you have a wonderful weekend dear friend! Vanna

  5. Oh, to mix NATURE with elegant beauty A LA CAMPAGNE is my dream..I even dream of letting in the animals to my home...

    Dear one, I am very late in visiting everyone, and I responded to your ever-so-wonderful friendship and words on your others posts....this one is a dream and a quiet poem of intense passion. Merci.


  6. Oh dear one, it is NOT FAR AWAY from us to PLAN something where we can create together. Let's practice that and have some fun HERE with Ruben and Tea Rat and the THEATRE! HE LOVES THE IDEA!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!

  7. I feel like I have just
    had the most relaxing
    and rejuvenating time
    at a magical guest house
    in the country.....so green
    and serene ~ loved it!

    Happy Weekend,
    xx Suzanne

  8. Dear Irina...I feel like I have just had a lovely Sunday morning out looking at these wonderful photos!!! Love to you on this beautiful day...Dzintra xoxo

  9. Irina,
    What a beautiful dream you have created here...may I stay a while?! Lovely, lovely...
    Yes I love the fanfare of the Oscars...years ago I worked the Governors Ball, in Bob Mackie gowns for the evening... what memories! But now I enjoy being at home with my boys in our pajamas (yes they are now interested very much in films and acting)...I absolutely adored "Hugo", and am wishing good things for it...I have yet to see the "Artiste", but look forward to it...and I simply adore Meryl Streep!
    We shall see!
    But HOW I will miss Downton!


  10. Dear Irina - Thank you for a truly relaxing and inspiring mini vacation! I am going right back to the beginning to look at all of your pictures again - and DREAM! Kate Dickerson

  11. My precious soul sister,

    THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL MACAROONS! And for your visit today, which to me, is a highlight of blogging. Thirty years...where did it go? In a story book that will be, I believe, read somewhere. Make each chapter thrilling, make good word choices, and let me tell you, my life has had many REVISION and lots of editing!!!!

    MUCH LOVE ON THIS wonderful snowy day! Anita

  12. Such inspiring images of the places that many of us strive to create in our own backyards and homes. It all starts with a dream, and then, who knows what one can bring to life!
    So nice to have you join us at Hopalong Hollow! Jeri

  13. oh my.
    oh my oh my.
    is it every lovely here.
    i am drowning in all this beautiful imagery.
    thank you for visiting.
    for leaving such sweet sentiments.
    i love it here.
    be back soon.
    xoxo EdenClare

  14. My darling sister,

    It is always a treat to see you come to visit, and I know you are terribly busy these days! It felt so good to have a day off from school to do some art. Today, we are off to STILLWATER! But I am looking forward to your visit on the 17th!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Anita


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