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Saturday, October 15, 2011

feed your soul


  1. YOU, have captured my heart.

    That one Jessie Wilcox Smith illustration with the dark haired child looks exactly like me at that age...and ALSO the elephant picture..OH DEAR, is this magic or what?

    Dear one, I cannot even change my music on the Mixpod because my email got messed up with it...I am going to have to change everything from my Etsy to Paypal...AH! But this post calls me to just relax and stop. I cannot even think of a post for today.

    Thinking of you, Anita

  2. I am In love with books! I cannot get enough of them? There photos are stunning! I love the one of Nigella Lawson sitting at the desk with the books on the floor and all around her, my dream room.

  3. Oh dear, this is the third time I come here today, and I am discovering more each time I come; that ONE FREE BOOK box in the snow..and then that plaque with the quote from the teacher..."....pages ALIVE with minds.." and now, the music. This reminds me of the music my father played that inspired me to dance. Then the music I heard every day in dance class as I stretched my limbs and dreams to new heights...my goodness, how you capture the spirit of beauty my dear! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME BEFORE YOU LEFT to your day adventures!!! BISOUS, Anita

  4. I always wanted to be a librarian...I am happiest when I am surrounded by books...fabulous shots here!

  5. If only stacks and stacks of books were acceptable in my world! Love the pictures--thanks for feeding my soul!

  6. Oh Irina stacks and stacks of lovely old books make my heart go pitter pat! What a beautiful collection of photos! How do you do it?
    I have a dream of one day having a dining room library...Right now I don't even have a dining room *winks* These pix are so inspiring!! And indeed heaven for me would resemble a mouldering old english library *winks* Vanna

  7. What a beautiful post, so full of one of my passions...books, books and more books! The girl on that bike, riding down the Paris rue will be me this coming week. Except I won't be on a bike. And I'm not exactly a "girl". But I LOVE every beautiful image. Thank you, Irina.


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