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Thursday, August 11, 2011


images: pinterest, cade martin, bohomystic, christopher boffoli, dale chihuly


  1. AND HERE, HERE IS YET ANOTHER GEM that I must put on my list...ooooo! And how lovely it is to see your comment my friend. Oh yes, our religious upbringings and all that goes with the POWER in our lives, it is all summed up in the GRACE of being of great worth. Otherwise spelled:


    What a joy to know you!!! Anita

  2. OH! And that "arbor" or "arch" of books....a combination of two of my favorite things!!!

  3. Ma belle....I love this blog of yours because it feels like a magic tree house where friends can go hide and tell stories, color, cut out paper dolls and dream. I have had a magical summer and again, you and A. were a huge part of it all. Your comments mean so much to me, for you see the good and though there are so many flaws in each of us in our character, our work...you never focus on that. You celebrate that which speaks to you. I am glad that Audrey and the little children spoke to you and A. I shall listen to PINK MARTINI TODAY FULL BLAST, as Ruben is off to school and I have one more delicious day to dream.


  4. These photos are so beautiful it makes my heart weep with joy.


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